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Name of repository EMBL-EBI
Additional name European Molecular Biology Laboratory - European Bioinformatics Institute
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Subjects Basic Biological and Medical Research Bioinformatics and Theoretical Biology Biology Life Sciences
Description The European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) has a long-standing mission to collect, organise and make available databases for biomolecular science. It makes available a collection of databases along with tools to search, download and analyse their content. These databases include DNA and protein sequences and structures, genome annotation, gene expression information, molecular interactions and pathways. Connected to these are linking and descriptive data resources such as protein motifs, ontologies and many others. In many of these efforts, the EBI is a European node in global data-sharing agreements involving, for example, the USA and Japan.
Content types Databases Images Plain text Scientific and statistical data formats Structured graphics
Keywords bioinformatics genome-sequencing microarrays proteomics structural genomics genomics DNA RNA ontologies gene expression chemical biology patents
Repository type disciplinary
Mission statement for designated community
Research data repository language(s) eng
Data and/or service provider dataProvider

Responsible institutions (4)

Institution name European Molecular Biology Laboratory, European Bioinformatics Institute
Additional name EMBL-EBI
Country United Kingdom
Type(s) of responsibility general
Type of institution non-profit
Institution name European Commission
Additional name EU
Country European Union
Type(s) of responsibility funding
Type of institution non-profit
Institution name Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Country United Kingdom
Type(s) of responsibility funding
Type of institution non-profit
Institution name Research Councils UK
Additional name RCUK
Country United Kingdom
Type(s) of responsibility funding
Type of institution non-profit

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Policy name EBI Terms of Use of the EBI Services

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Type of access to research data repository open
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Type of access to data open
Data access restriction type(s) registration
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License name other
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Type of data upload open


Name of the repository software unknown
Persistent identifier system none

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API type FTP

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Type of alerting service RSS
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Remarks As part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory EMBL, the largest part of our funding comes from the governments of EMBL's 20 member states. Other major funders include the European Commission, Wellcome Trust, US National Institutes of Health, UK Research Councils, our industry partners. In addition, the Wellcome Trust generously provides the facilities for the EMBL-EBI on its Genome Campus at Hinxton, and the UK Research Councils have also provided funds for our facilities in Hinxton.
Entry date 2013-03-01
Last update 2014-08-01

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